Letter of References

Instructions for Submitting Recommendation Letter

  • To help us select students that will benefit from this experience, we ask you consider their interactions as a team and individual, maturity level, dedication to their commitment, and how this experience will benefit their development as a scientist.  We also appreciate your insights into their strengths, and areas of needed improvement.
  • Please send the letter as a PDF attachment to [email protected].  Please save the document with the student’s last name, first name and then your initials.
  • Letters must be received from your email address.  We will not accept recommendation letters from students.
  • Letters are due by February 24, 2020.
  • If you have any questions please contact Penny Kianian at [email protected].
  • Please note that students may request review of their letters of references unless they choose to waive this right upon submission of their SUMMIT application.

Thank you for your assistance in making the SUMMIT program a great learning experience for all mentors and participants.